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AI Video Analytics for Workplace Safety: Revolutionizing Construction Management with viAct


In the bustling world of construction, safety and efficiency stand as pillars of success. Yet, traditional methods of monitoring, relying heavily on manual labour, can lead to inefficiencies and safety oversights. In this blog, you will learn about viAct, a pioneering company at the forefront of revolutionizing construction management through AI Video Analytics for Workplace Safety.


Empowering Jobsites with Automated Construction Management


At the heart of viAct's mission lies the automation of monitoring, seamlessly integrating AI-powered video analytics into the construction landscape. Imagine a job site where every movement is monitored with precision, alerting teams to potential hazards in real time. This is the reality we bring to the table—a paradigm shift from manual monitoring to a dynamic, proactive system.


A Different Approach: The Impact of viAct


Without us:


Manual Construction Monitoring without 


- 80% of CCTV at Construction Sites are still Monitored Manually

- Manual Construction Monitoring without Computer Vision

- No Human Being can Monitor more than 6 Screens at the Same Time

- Delayed Construction Monitoring without AI

- Inaccuracy, Incomplete & Late Action Caused by Manpower

- Issues in Construction without Video Analytics


With viAct:


- With our AI Video Analytics, accidents plummet by a staggering 95%, ensuring the safety of every worker on the site.


Save Manpower Costs with an AI Video Surveillance System


- Efficiency meets cost-effectiveness as our system slashes manpower costs by 70%, optimizing resources without compromising safety.


Error-free Construction Progress Tracking with Computer Vision


- Gone are the days of inaccuracies and delays in progress tracking. Our AI Video Analytics for Workplace Safety ensures error-free monitoring, providing real-time insights into construction milestones.


Save Construction Accident Costs with Video Analytics


- The financial toll of accidents is substantial, but our Video Analytics steps in, saving a remarkable 1 Million USD per injury case, a testament to the power of proactive safety measures.

The viAct Difference:


Real-time Alerts and Notifications


- Our system isn't just about monitoring; it's about proactive safety. Instant alerts and notifications keep teams informed of potential hazards, enabling swift action.


Seamless Integration


- We seamlessly integrate into existing CCTV systems, making adoption effortless for construction companies looking to enhance their safety protocols.


Scalable Solutions for Every Jobsite


- Whether it's a large-scale construction project or a smaller site, our solutions are scalable and tailored to meet the unique needs of each environment.


The Future of Construction Safety is Here


With our AI Video Analytics for Workplace Safety, the future of construction management is now. Safety is no longer an afterthought but a proactive, integral part of every project. From saving costs to saving lives, we stand as a beacon of innovation in an industry where every step matters.




viAct's commitment to automating monitoring and enhancing —it's a reality reshaping the construction landscape, one job site at a time. As construction moves towards a safer, more efficient future, we lead the way, ensuring that every worker returns home safely and every project reaches new heights of success.


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